Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Every been there? If so, add me my username is: AirForceMom

I have been eating/tracking roughly 1200 calories a day, adds up fast let me tell ya but it's keeping me on track, I am back down to where I should if I could just shed those final few pounds ~ how many months have I been saying this????

I am ready to see that magic number already!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Basics, Basics, Basics!!!!

I am sooo sick of getting *this* close to my goal only for my weight to fluxate again, ugggg!

So, starting today I am tracking EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth ~ going old school on this one ( and I WANT TO BE DONE so I can maintain my loss, I can handle the fluxations but I really, really, REALLY need to see 153 so I can declare my victory of my 2nd time hitting the century club.

Here I go.............

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So this is a clothing GRIPE!!!! From the outside people can say/think, wow it's must be GREAT to lose weight and buy new clothes, but in truth it can be an exhausting experience not to mention EXPENSIVE!!!!

Whenever I make a trip home to STL I try to hit up the local Goodwill store but the last few trips have been sooooo disappointing! They don't size their clothing which a HUGE inconvenience so you have to through countless racks looking for your size.

I tried on at least 15 pairs of jeans only to find 1 pair that fit perfectly and another that fits just "okay" but will fit better after another few pounds are gone. All of this for $9.00?!?

I would rather go to Kohl's and find my size and try it out, it's worth the $19.99 for a pair of jeans that fit and I don't spend an hour + looking for, ugggggh!!!!!

Nothing from last fall fits ~ I was in XL and currently I am hovering around a small/medium so once again I have to buy jeans/sweaters/shirts to get me through, I am thankful but it does hit the wallet hard. I also need to buy new pajamas b/c almost all the ones that I have do not fit, I have resorted to wearing hubby's t-shirts which are like drapes on me and my trusty flannel pj bottoms (I only have 2 of them), see what I mean?

Yeah, I am thrilled with my loss (119 pounds) but I do wish that when you have GBS you are given a years worth of clothes with it, LMAO!!!

Okay, done griping!!!!!!