Friday, November 14, 2008


As of today I am EIGHT pounds away from hitting 100 pounds lost since June 1st! I can't believe it!

I am trying to get settled into our new home, i've only told one person here about my WLS (I know her DIL) but I plan to keep it under wraps from everyone else and make this my fresh new start!

I've had so many people ask me if I was the active duty member stationed here (it's actually Bill) but it blows my mind that i'm perceived thin and healthy enough to be in the military, YAY!

I am looking forward to hitting the gym at the start of the new year, we have so much to put away still and reorganizing to do, then the holidays so I am going to wait until January and go full speed forward to hit 150 as soon as possible, I might even go below that if I can but my body is in charge first and foremost.

So yeah, 8 more pounds to go until I hit a MAJOR goal, help me get there!!!!

Love ya!



Anonymous said...

Go Amy, Go Amy....WOOHOO, you go girl!!! So Proud of you!!! Keep up the great, hard work hun!!

Corene (hockeymomto4boys)

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy Way to go!!!!I am so inspired by you and your weight loss. I still remember the night Tasia and I met you in the pool. Incredible Girl! I was wondering if you could email me the name of your doctor on base? I just went to mine to talk about some health issues and it was completely not helpful. ( :( I hope that you are enjoying Scott AFB. Miss You....Kate B.