Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So this is a clothing GRIPE!!!! From the outside people can say/think, wow it's must be GREAT to lose weight and buy new clothes, but in truth it can be an exhausting experience not to mention EXPENSIVE!!!!

Whenever I make a trip home to STL I try to hit up the local Goodwill store but the last few trips have been sooooo disappointing! They don't size their clothing which a HUGE inconvenience so you have to through countless racks looking for your size.

I tried on at least 15 pairs of jeans only to find 1 pair that fit perfectly and another that fits just "okay" but will fit better after another few pounds are gone. All of this for $9.00?!?

I would rather go to Kohl's and find my size and try it out, it's worth the $19.99 for a pair of jeans that fit and I don't spend an hour + looking for, ugggggh!!!!!

Nothing from last fall fits ~ I was in XL and currently I am hovering around a small/medium so once again I have to buy jeans/sweaters/shirts to get me through, I am thankful but it does hit the wallet hard. I also need to buy new pajamas b/c almost all the ones that I have do not fit, I have resorted to wearing hubby's t-shirts which are like drapes on me and my trusty flannel pj bottoms (I only have 2 of them), see what I mean?

Yeah, I am thrilled with my loss (119 pounds) but I do wish that when you have GBS you are given a years worth of clothes with it, LMAO!!!

Okay, done griping!!!!!!



Kate said...

Yes, I agree Amy! I think that people willing to go through the difficulty of the entire procedure should definitely be rewarded with new clothes! Maybe we can start a petiton to get that included on Obama's Healthcare bill...He would probably go for it! A new incentive for weight loss program funded with what else?? Our money of course.....PS-I am happy that you are doing so well!

KIMBER said...

I am lucky right now I don't have that problem,I grow out of clothes and now i am trying to shrink back in them.

Claire said...


Have you thought about selling the clothes that are too big as a consignment? I know lots of people who were able to make back some of their money. Goodwill is very frustrating. Why don't you shop there online store to see if that helps any. I do NOT agree that you should be rewarded a clothing allowance 1-2 years post surgery. (ha!), but it is okay for people to dream. LOL