Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's On Now!!!!!

Wow, 9 days, NINE DAYS!!!!!! I can't believe it! My final pre-op appointment is this Thursday with Dr. Wright ~ it's about 2 hours long and we will be going over the final details of the surgery and recovery period.

Vacation was GREAT !!! I made a few slight slip-ups but with our activity level I only gained 1 pound and today we plan on making it a day at the zoo so with all the walking I hope to shed that extra pound or more.

We spent 5 hours at a waterpark yesterday and all of us are windburnt ~ the winds were gusting all day over 40 mph, yikes! Della is a natural swimmer, she is not afraid of the water when she has her PDF on and can swim anywhere she likes, she loves her independence!

My Mom is flying in on Saturday to help out with the surgery ~ I can't wait to see her again! She is going to take Colin and Della back with her to St. Louis so they can spend time with them there and I can recover without 3 children to care for ~ Lynde will be here to help me with Edward since I won't be able to lift him for 3 weeks.

Today the sky is full of it's sun-shiny-goodness and I can't wait to get outside in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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