Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back On Track!

Thanks so MUCH to Carissa for talking me into the gym today. I think my cough is beginning to fade away (YAY!) so we hit the gym with a nice upbeat stroll which equaled 1 mile then we both biked and I stopped at 11 miles and walked another 1/2 mile around the gym.

Amazing that today I did 12 1/2 miles with more effort that I thought I would be able to give, hooray! I sooo wanted to run but I think it's too soon in the healing process, I was sure I would start coughing and wheezing, I still had a nice workout on the bike since I had it on level 7 on the random setting, whew!

Looking forward to going again on a steady basis, I need gym as it needs me.....


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