Monday, May 18, 2009

Emergency Surgery ~ Life Resumes.....

What an ordeal! Symptoms started Monday with some adbominal swelling, saw my Surgeon who did some blood tests and said that I was suffering from pancreatitis. Told me to go home and take it easy.

Thursday morning I woke up in excruiting pain, it was on the left side of my stomach, ran down to my pelvis and also ran down my back. After several hours of suffering I finally called the office back and told them that something was really wrong, they said that the Surgeon would call me back.

About 30 minutes later I started feeling like I was having a heart attack. Called the office back and said that I was afraid and was going to call 911. Called my Husband and he rushed home from work, we delegated the kids to our friends house and went to the hospital.

They took me straight back and did an EKG which was normal, did bloodwork (which still showed high amylayse levels but otherwise normal). They took me back for a CT scan which again didn't show anything.

The pain was sooooooooooo bad. Diladaid and morphine didn't touch it at all, I was out of my mind in pain. My Surgeon admitted me and said that he would do a barium swallow on me in the morning.

Here is the scary part: I did the swallow the next morning and immediately started throwing it up. No one told me anything, they did as much as they could do and sent me back to my room.

I was in my room for only 15 minutes when a Nurse came in gangbusters and said that I needed to be prepped for surgery ASAP. No one told me what they found and I was NOT happy!

Right before surgery my Surgeon came in and told me that he found an obstruction and he would try to take care of it via lap but he may have to open me wide up.

Did okay in recovery, surgery was about 1.5 hours long and I was amazed at what they told me when I got back to my room:

I had scar tissue (an adhesion) from my gallbladder surgery 3 weeks ago had formed itself around my bowel and sealed it shut tight ~ the reason why I was in such pain and couldn't drink or eat the day earlier. It also caused me to have severe reflux that masks that of a heart attack.

He removed the adhesion and checked me over to make sure everything was in working order ~ which it was and closed me up. Had a rough recovery b/c I had surgery 22 days earlier, YUCK!!!

I don't EVER want to go through that again. Dr. Wadley said that it was a fluke that it happened at all ~ I'm scared it might happen again,this was truly a frightening experience....there were times I really felt like I was going to die. :(

Really have to take it easy now, the babies are in St. Louis with my parents *cry* and I should be joining them in about a week and I can't wait!

Here is the obstruction:

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