Saturday, July 25, 2009

Difference a Phone Call Makes....

Tonight my dear friend Tina (a military wife herself ~ Miss YOU!!!!) called to check in on me and it really helped me put things into perspective, sometimes when you think you have it really don't.

My weight has been fluxuating lately and we have some family drama going on (which I won't go into) AND summer slacking is here so i've noticed bad habits die hard. What a breath of fresh air to hear that Tina thinks I am an inpiration to her and others, WOW!!!!

That makes me want to work harder, exactly what I need to DO!!!!!! I normally have a happy-to-lucky cheery disposition but it's been missing lately.....let's fix that NOW!!!

Starting tomorrow my butt is back into the gym (yay) and no more staying inside the house to work around naps or housework ~ use it before you lose it!!!!!!!!


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