Friday, August 21, 2009


It's been awhile since i've updated ~ life had thrown us a curveball. The kids and I were involved in a horrific car accident on 31 July ~ we were lucky to walk away from it but my oldest Daughter and I took the brunt of the accident.

I've been dealing with Physical Therapy 3x's a week and they think I may have a torn rotator cuff so I may be having surgery again (3rd time this year, uggggg!)

Weight has been crazy off the charts lately but i'm glad to say that I got my urges under control and I am back down to where I need to be ~ and also a new LOW!!!

I've found that gum and ice are my new best friends ~ I don't go anywhere w/o them, when I think I need to put food in my mouth (and I don't feel hungry) I turn to the gum and before I know it the urge is gone!!!

It's hard to fathom that I came from a size 24 and that my size 6's are fitting comfortably, maybe 4's are in my future?!? Wow, size 4???

Feeling great besides my accident injuries, looking forward to next year for sure ~ this year has been NO FUN!!!!

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