Monday, March 23, 2009

Stopping the Nonsense!!!!

I've found myself spiraling out of control with snacking lately. My metabolism is running so high these days so instead of fueling my body the RIGHT way I have been backsliding and putting TERRIBLE stuff into my body (chips, cookies, crackers).

Those terrible culprits are to blame for a SHOCK when I got onto the scale when I got home so I find in necessary to make immediate change and started an all protein liquid diet for 2 weeks to shock my system and myself back into healthier habits.

HOLY CRAP it's easy to fall off that horse, I've done sooooooo wonderfully well all this time but it didn't take much time to get out of control and lose the "eat to live" way of thinking, YIKES!!!!!

So, starting this morning I am only using my protein drinks as nourishment throughout the day.....I should be drinking them everyday so I don't have to rely on food as my only source of protein ~ this is the way that it should have been from the start, I was only kidding myself when I thought I could do it "my way"

WTF was I thinking?!? Seriously! I haven't been to the gym in is becoming more challenging to get there these days so I need to give myself the "long talk" about what I excpect from myself, what I want for the rest of my life, why did I come on this journey only to sludge along. I know, I know....I've lost 100+ pounds and I am DAMN proud but to see myself deviating from the path that I know leads to success makes me feel like a failure.

So, back to liquids for me. I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS WORK!!! I do not need food to nourish my body right now, I need protein, protein protein and I plan on getting all that I need from the protein shakes. In this period of relection I am going to change the foods that I was using daily (beef jerky) as my main source of nourishment, wwwwaaaaaay too high in sodium and although it was a good source of protein I could have been eating healthier foods.

Okay, I guess I am done with my rant. I could really use some words of encouragement so if you are reading this give me a shout out with love or a good slap back into reality, LOL!

Love to everyone!



kimmy said...

Hey! It's hard to be Irish and not get a little giddy over St. Patty's Day! You're being too hard on can do this! Big hugs!!

Lisa said...

Amy Im so proud of you and you know I can totally understand how you feel about falling and sliping back into that cycle! It is very easy for us moms as we are so busy and just need that fast fix !

You are doing an amazing job and I Know that you will be okay ! Keep up the great work !

JUDY said...

Amy Amy, you've come so far. so you had vacation and lost a little focus the important thing is you're back home and you know enough to fix it! you will be fine, you've done so good already.