Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am back baby!!!! This morning I weighed in at 168, a new low WOO-FREAKING-HOO!!!! So that is an 11 pound difference since Sunday (3/22), amazing!

I FINALLY GET IT! I was doing things *my way* and guess doesn't work! Yes I can eat anything I want but I threw all moderation out the window while on vacation ~ this really opened my eyes to what I was doing to my body.

I was fooling myself thinking I could get the proper amount of nutrition and protein from food ~ I MUST HAVE protein supplements, the weight has never come off so fast before, and to think I could have been done with this journey A LOT SOONER if I could have realized this before, sheesh!

So.....13 more pounds to go! I can't wait to be done!!!!!


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