Monday, March 30, 2009

Swim Time....

Tonight I am taking the babies to the local community center and go swimming with some friends. Della gets the most out of swimming, she loves it however Edward has some room for growth in that department, LOL he is attached to my hip the whole time.

I bought a new swimsuit, my first new one in at least 4 years, which is a size 8 WOW! Although the Hubs says I look good in it (his exact words were, "You look DAMN GOOD", I feel very self conscience about it....I wish I "felt" that I looked as good as he says I do but again it's taking some time for my brain to catch up to my body.

Also something to work on.......I'm getting there. Oh yeah!!! My before/after pics are now profiled on Obesity Help, go here to see:

I am sooo proud! :D


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