Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Home From Hospital....

Ugggg, it was a rough 24 hours! I can't believe how sick I was and my pulse rate is still really low (in the 40's and low 50's) so they want me to monitor it from home.

Still feeling very weak and tired. They gave me 4 bags of fluids so naturally I am up bloated as all get out and weighed myself (220, how depressing).

So, lessons learned. No more hot stuff, not exactly sure that is what caused the episode but sure as hell don't want to repeat it. Learned from Dr. Sudan that if I do truly vomit again that I am to stop all food and liquids until vomitting subsides and stay on liquids for 24 hours.

Just when I think I am doing good something like this has to slap me in the face back to reality.

My new friend Michelle came to visit me in the hospital today, she is a REAL sweetheart and I am keeping my fingers crossed for her that she receives her approval letter ASAP.

Thanks to everyone that lifted me up in thoughts/prayers ~ they worked!!! I'm tired so that's all for now.



Kristen said...

I'm glad you at least got to come home! Feel better hun!

Kate Bartholomew said...

Hey Amy...We missed you in swim class today. So sorry to hear that you where in the hospital. I am thankful you are home and feel better soon...Kate

Anonymous said...

Yikes, scary!! Glad to hear you are feeling better and are at home, take care girl!!