Thursday, August 14, 2008


Water Aerobics last night, we used water noodles the whole time and I LOVED IT! It was fun and challenging, especially when we had to fold up our noodles like a pretzel and sit on them ~ then pretend we were riding on a bike.

Coordination is a key with this kind of activity and I surprised myself, I did really well. One of the hardest things we did was to stand on our noodle while in the water and walk back and forth on it, harder than it sounds.

Bettina (our instructor) also had us doing knee crunches while standing at the side of the pool, also with the noodles beneath us, that was the hardest exercise of the night but it was fun to watch everyone keep up because the noodles kept slipping out from under us and rocketing out of the water, LOL!

After class I started swimming laps (hence being extremely sore today) and to my surprise 18 laps (across and back again) is only 1/4 of a mile, I felt like I had gone 10 miles and was disappointed to learn that it wasn't very far.

Oh well, the longer I keep at this...the easier it will be and before I know it I will be swimming 1/2 a mile and then a mile but all in good time!

224 again today, I wish the scale would move more but I do know that I am losing despite what the scale says, I am officially in a size 16 and XL top so that's reassurance that things are going GREAT!


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Anonymous said...

Awesome, glad to hear that you had fun and you got a work out also ! Thats the best kind of excercise! My daughter and I are actualy going to be starting swimming here in the next week! Im super excited !

Kwwp up the good work Amy , you look amazing and should be so so pround of yourself !

Olathe aka Lisa