Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A New Day!

Wow, I'm amazed at myself! I did 6 miles last night the gym, incredible! Of course non of this was possible without my RNY.

I started the Cool Runnings from Couch to Running program last night, I truly intend on being in the Omaha 10K next month so I've started my training to get myself ready. I may not be able to run all of it but by God I am going to complete it!

I am down another pound today, so that puts me at 224, another 25 pounds until I hit what is commonly referred to as "Onederland" I can't wait!

These next few days will be full of running to Doctor appointments for the kids and getting Edward's feet/legs fitted for braces, my poor little guy but after sleeping on the fact that he needs them I feel better. Now it's just a fact of dealing with nosey people out in public, when Della was in her pelvic harness I got all kinds of questions/comments that just seemed weird and uncalled for. Sheesh!

Ready for water aerobics tonight, I'm still sore from last night but I think it will only help build in my endurance. Water here I come!

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