Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, water aerobics was cancelled yet again, arrrrggggggg! I had to hire a babysitter to go so I decided to make the best of my time (didn't bring gym clothes) and did some light shopping for myself.

Hubby is TDY again so I am solo on my exercise efforts but I do have Gilad and 10 Minute Solution thankfully but it can can dull after a few times, blah!

My weight has gone up to 210, booooooooo!!!! I did see 209 a few days ago but looks like I've hit another small stall and I have to remind myself "Am I eating to refuel my body" and that seems to be doing the trick.

This afternoon I weighed 211 so that tells me that I HOPEFULLY will be back down to 209 tomorrow, but if not I will just put back on my patience hat and just wait it out.

Tomorrow I see my GYN who I dearly love, she saw me through both of my pregnancies and delivered Edward (she was out of town for Della) and she doesn't know I had WLS, I can't wait to shock them! :P

Kids are keeping me busy this week, it about makes my head spin. Tomorrow is PT, GYN, Thursday is Colin's new Psychologist and Friday Edward at PT again, whew! I am hoping to catch up with my new friends Tasia and Michelle sometime this week so the kiddos can play together, it's hard to believe we will be leaving here in 2 months.

Alright, well need to go find Colin's spelling words so we can make it to reading and have dinner out at Fazoli's. Later! :)


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