Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Again..

Well the good part of today is that I was able to sleep in until 8:30, call someone and let them know! ;)

Woke up to 209 again today so I guess my body is going through an adjustment period again, patience...patience...patience. I want to hit onderland by the end of the month, so 23 days to go!!!

I bought a new workout video last night called the 10 Minute Solution and WOW what a workout it was!!!

The video has 5 ten minute segments:

ARM & SHOULDER SCULPT: Instructor Amy Bento designed this sequence of highly effective band exercises so your arms, shoulders and back can have that toned, defined look. The moves are simple but designed to give you fast results.

BUTT & THIGH BLASTER: Kick your largest muscle groups into high gear -- and great shape! You'll use the band in a series of exercises that will lift and tighten your butt while jiggle-proofing your thighs giving your lower body that smooth, firm look.

SLEEK & SEXY ABS: Love handles and ab flab don't stand a chance against this workout! Adding the body band brings you into a whole new realm of RESULTS. Sleek and sexy abs can be yours!

TOTAL BODY TONE ZONE: Compound movements will shape and sculpt all of the muscles in your body with maximum efficiency. This workout will have your heart pumping as well which means you'll burn away major calories.

10 MINUTE STRETCH: Improve your flexibility while your muscles relax and elongate. Using this segment, take time to breathe, reduce stress and center your energy. Your body will thank you

I highly recommend the video, the 10 minute segments fly by in a flash. I am going to give this routine 30 days and see where I am at, yee-haw!!!!


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Cori said...

Dang girl!
You look HOT!