Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So Much For That....

Well, water aerobics was cancelled yet again! I understand situations come up but why can't they call us?!?! Arrrggg!!!!

This time they didn't bother putting up a sign outside, the only sign up was on the door to the pool so I was already dressed out, luckily a few of us decided to work was movement but not what I usually get out of it.

Tonight I am going to do my new Gilad workout once the kids hit the hay, I think that will get me moving, pumping and feeling good ~ I literally ran out out the door tonight to get there because hubby is going TDY starting tonight so he stayed with the kids while I squeezed it in, only for the class to be cx.

So, lessons learned ~ do my workout routine regardless before class so if it's cancelled I am done for the night.


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