Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I am currently back and sitting at 202, ugggggg!!!!! Did a 40 minute Gilad workout, it was intense at points but overall was great even with the kiddos jumping all over me while I was trying to do situps, LOL!

I will hit 12 weeks in 3 days and I was really hoping to have hit 199, I'm trying to stay positive about it but DAMN come on body!!!!!

Just hanging around the house today b/c Edward is sick with something that is making him have a high fever and feel miserable. Feeling tired since I was up until almost 3 and back up at 7 this morning so I hope to make the best of my day and not veg on the couch but it's a high probability the way I feel.

In other news, I found a lump in my right breast that is extremely painful. While I was working out this morning it was throbbing, brings back memories of having an abcess removed from the same breast when I was 13 (talk about an emotional ordeal). My body has been doing weird things lately: 4 periods in 11 weeks, constant back pain, random aches/pains and occasional vomiting when I eat too fast ~ I'm falling apart, LOL!

Well, if you're reading this, I could use a little nudge of encouragement...feeling unmotivated and tired today, blah!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey hun, don't beat yourself up, it's just a minor bump in the road, you're doing incredible, you should feel very proud!!! And think, all this workout is building muscle which weighs more than fat and might put some pounds on, that's probably what is happening!! Keep up the great work...Hope Cutie Edward feels better soon!! P.S I have many lumps in my breasts too, they said I have fibrocystic breasts, but you should go get it checked to be sure!! ;) Corene

Shawnery said...

Hello my friend. I think you have come a long way so fast. You look amazing and you inspire me just by being yourself! Keep building muscles, stretch often and you will be a lean mean fat burning machine! Love, Shawnery

Anonymous said...

Every bad day, comes a good day. Hang in there. Be sure to go to the dr. right away about that lump (I am sure you have already made an appt. but, friends have to tell ya anyways.)

I am stuck at 206. I haven't been as great about watching what I eat. But I am exercising twice a week. I do an intense step aerobic/weight trng/ abs class (1 hour length) and walk a 1/2 mile before and after the workout. I have really noticed a difference in body shape. I think it's the cardio and weight training together. I am definitely getting faster results. Working out is hard but it does feel great.

Keep on are only a 1/2 a pound away to saying good bye to the 200's!!!! How exciting!