Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ohhhhhh Yeaaaaaah!!!!

Saw the Chiropractor tonight, Dr. Teusaw is a God!!!! I really needed treatment, even he was surprised at how much adjustment I needed. I felt great for about 2 hours but then my back started hurting again so I guess it will be a weekly thing for me until I get all the kinks worked out.

Tasia and I had lunch earlier, took her to Vidlak's and it was soooo yummy, I have a feeling that she may be taking her family there soon :) We also were naughty and had an Expresso Smoothie on our way to the gym, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

Did 3 laps around gym, weights on arms and abs and then TASIA DID 1 MILE ON THE ELLIP!!!!! Go you girl, I am sooo proud of you! I remember when I hit a mile, I was so proud yet exhausted, it was a GREAT feeling...I'm glad I could share your moment with you, YOU ROCK!!!!!

I was a little shy of 2 miles but had sweat draining down my face and body so I knew it did me good, I love this feeling ~ who ever knew that I would LOVE THIS??? I sure didn't, I think even is someone pulled me aside a year ago and transported me to here and now I would not believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Focused on getting below 200, it's all I can think about. Started experimenting with calorie cycling and so far so good, I hope it gets me where I want as quick as possible, did I ever mention that I'm not patient??? LOL!!!!

I'm afraid my caffeine buzz is going to make to pull an all nighter, the price we pay for being naughty, LOL! Gotta run!


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Anonymous said...

Haha I know, who would think that it would be fun!! i'm totally lovin the gym though. Can't wait till tomarrow!! You'll be below 200 before ya know it!!!