Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Heart Dr. Rice!

I saw my GYN for the last time before we PCS to Whiteman, Dr. Rice didn't know I had WLS and was just floored when I walked in. As always she and her staff bent over backwards to help me with the kids and make me feel like I was their only patient.

As I write this, Dr. Rice is meeting my friend Evvie to deliver her baby, brings back so many memories of my delivery...I am going to miss them so much!!!!


Anonymous said...

WoW, girl, you've just come such a long way, i'm sooo proud of you!! You must feel SOOOO GOOOD!! And is that Della and Edward??? HOLY, they've grown sooo much, time for some updated pics of the kiddo's girl :D Keep up the great work!!

Lotsa luv, Corene

Anonymous said...

Wow theres such an amazing difference!

Talk to you soon!