Thursday, September 4, 2008


Blinkie Maker

The pounds are melting off quick this week, I was up to 220 last week after my hospital visit, they pumped me full of fluids so in a week I've shed 5 pounds and 5 pounds of water weight too!

My new short goals are as follows:

Lose 2 more pounds = I will become OVERWEIGHT, no longer be considered obese (208)

Lose 5 more pounds = 70 pounds lost (205)

Lose 10 more pounds = 75 pounds lost (200)

Lose 11 more pounds = I will be under 200 pounds for the first time in 14 years!!! (199)

And my next major goal is to hit 100 pounds total loss by December 1st!!!!!!! def know that I can do this, so far I've lost an average of 20 pounds a month so I am going to dig my heels in and get the job done.

Once I hit 199 I am going to keep going. My ultimate goal is to be between 130-140 but I don't expect to be anywhere near that until sometime next year, patience, hard work and fierce determination fuels me!

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