Monday, July 7, 2008

15 Hours and Counting...

Not loving the bowel prep treatment today, let's just say I am confined to quarters.

The family is eating baked ziti and I soooo wanting some, not because it's baked ziti but I haven't had any food (besides broth and jello) since yesterday. It smells so good!!!

I took all my meds like Dr. Sudan prescribed and have been spending the day loving on the kids, they are sooo precious to me (and so is my family) I hope and pray for the best outcome with my surgery, I worry about complications leaving me incapacitated or worse.

Dear Lord: Please watch over Dr. Sudan and his staff as they prepare my body for new its new life. Please give my family strength as they help me through this surgery in the days and weeks to come. Give my body the proper healing and nutrition it needs and guide me wisely through my days.

I pray that everything goes smoothly, I can't wait for my new life to start! God Bless you and yours until we meet again.

Love, Amy

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