Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's been a week ago since my surgery and I have been feeling just okay ~ today has been the best day of them all since surgery however I noticed that I was developing a yeast infection and also thought I had thrush on my tongue.

Made an appointment today to be seen and what was discovered shocked my world! My Doctor found out I was severely dehydrated ~ so bad that a day or two more they would have begun shutting down. I knew things didn't look so hot when I turned my urine in and it was dark brown, yuck!

So immediately they started an IV (after 2 sticks, ouch) and gave me one bag after another for a total of 3 bags which equals almost 8 pounds of fluid. I was at the Hospital for about 3.5 hours which seemed to drag and I was already quite tired so that didn't help.

I think I have been so focused on getting the proper amount of protein in me (60 grams a day) that my fluid intake wasn't monitored as closely which is my fault and a costly lesson.

So, starting today I am measuring all my fluids and noting every bathroom trip to make sure that I am keeping myself properly hydrated, I don't want to the be in the hospital again!!!!

Also, my Doctor explained that it was my kidneys that have been causing the back pain all this time ~ the drain tube added to my misery as well but my poor kidneys were drying out and I've been miserable because of it...and I still am.

Tomorrow is a new day, I have to jump back on my horse and start all over again with a new found respect for my fluid intake. On a positive note my Nutritionist told me I may begin SugarFee yogurts, puddings, cream of wheat which seems like caviar, lobster and steak at this moment since I haven't had food in 9 days. Tolerated my Key Lime Yogurt just great and can't wait to start adding other foods!

Thank you GOD for taking care of me, thank you for loving me, thank you for another day!!!

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