Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7 Days!

A week from now I will be checked into Creighton University Medical Center waiting to undergo RNY, WOW!!!!!!

It's been VERY busy here as of late, I am still working feverishlyto shed the final 3 pounds to meet my personal set goal of 255 befores surgery.

Thursday is my final pre-op appointment with Dr. Wright, I can't waitto show them my progress. Bill (my Husband) is going with me so hecan meet with the team, ask questions and be there for support.

We are going to celebrate our last 4th of July here in Nebraskaquietly. We've always been invited to parties but this year we aregoing to have a nice BBQ and do our own fireworks and just chill, yay!

My Mom is flying in on Saturday ~ that night we are going to have mylast "meal" of sushi, it's going to be a long...long...long timebefore I wlll be able to eat it again, sigh ~ I'm going to miss itbut the next time I eat it, I will savor it and def eat a LOT less.

That same night, Lynde and I have tickets to the Olympic Swim Trialshere at the Qwest Center in Omaha. Sunday night 2 world records wereset in swimming, wish we could have been there but I'm hoping we seethe same Saturday night.

Well, need to go and mow the lawn, oh drudge. LOL!

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