Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Thing Called Food...

What I once loved and looked forward to is now becoming a dark force to me, it challenges me everyday and I am beginning to hate it ~ I *think* that is a good thing?

I do love my RNY but eating right now ~ I am on vacation here in St. Louis, is proving to be a challenge b/c I do not have the correct foods here (which is my fault) and I need to get out and get the foods that will aid in my proper nutrition.

I want to make a trip to Trader Joe's while I am here in St. Louis, it is the closest one to me here and in Nebraska. I've gotten a few leads on good food there and I becoming weary of being tempted by normal everyday food that my family is eating.

I did this to become a stronger woman and right now I don't feel that strong ~ I need to find my place back there, get the right foods and turn my brain off to temptation and on to salvation.

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