Monday, July 21, 2008

40 Pounds!

I'm having a WOW moment! As of today, I have lost 40 pounds since June 1st! 22 of those pounds I lost on my own and the other 18 lost since surgery 13 days ago.

Amazing, I've never lost so much weight before! It feels good, well, let me say that it feels DAMN good! I am starting to see the muscle in my legs and arms again and I am aching to get back into the gym but I need to heal for about another 2 weeks before that happens, hmmm, maybe I will be in the 220's?

Another big breakthrough (TMI ahead) is that I broke down and drank some prune juice to get "going" since it's been 5 miserable days since that happened. I'm amazed that it only took about an hour, yay!

Wanted to go swimming with some friends today but found out yesterday that I am not ready for the pool, at my Aunt's house last night I got in and to my surprise my incisions sites which are all but healed started itching like the dickens so no pool until the scabs are completely gone.

Loving vacation time with the folks, miss Hubby though. He flies in on August 1st and then we drive home to Nebraska, oh drudge.

Well, someone is at the door.....


Anonymous said...

WOW Amy, that's FANTASTIC!! You should feel very proud!! I would love to see the slide show but your link doesn't work!! Keep up the great work, looking forward to your updates!! Take care hun...
Corene (hockeymomto4boys)

Anonymous said...

Wow ,im so happy for you I know this is something that you have been wanting for a very long time ! I have seen your slideshow and girl you look amazing , cant wait to see more !
Keep up the awesome work!
Olathe aka Lisa

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Amy! Remember how much you said you wanted to loose before you moved here? I think you may pass that lol yay!!