Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Ultimate Goal Has Been Achieved!

After 2 long years I finally completed this life changing goal of mine. I thank you oh God for allowing everything to fall into place so that may help myself in this critical time of need.

I undewent Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass surgery yesterday afternoon. I came through just fine and I am still recovering here at Creighton University Medical Center. I was stuck several times for blood and IV's but unfortuantely I was a little dehydrated and my veins are considered short so in all I was poked 7 times, uggggg but the worst part is that they have to draw again tomorrow morning. :(

I am having a hard time eating today, I've having to force myself to take even 1 bite of jello an hour. I am not hungry whatsoever even though I haven't eaten real food since Sunday.

I am satifisied so far, just wish that my pain meds would last longer so I wouldn't be in so much pain.

Love everyone!!!


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Laura said...

Congrats Amy!!! How exciting, and thank goodness all is well! Take care, keep us posted. :)