Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 Miles?!?

Can you believe that the average spinning class travels an average of 15 miles in an one hour class?!? That must be why I am soooooooo exhausted at the end, but it's a good thing!

Last night I was running late to class but was able to dig my heels in and catch up to everyone ~ Frankie and Sydney were there too!

Tonight I am looking forward to running again, I hope to increase my pace to 4.0 MPH and hopefully hit those 2 miles in under 30 minutes, woot!

One thing that has been bothering me is that I have put on some weight (3 pounds) but after some research and advice from good friends it appears that this gain is actually muscle mass gained. I think some of the best advice I got today from a friend was to start taping myself daily when the scale isn't moving, the tape will show the changes my body is making ~ what a GREAT idea!

On the protein front, I've already hit 60 grams of protein today, woot!!!! I am planning on having a protein shake before I hit the gym so my body will use it constructively.

Okay, well the babies are beckoning! Lots of love to everyone and just remember....if you are struggling with losing weight keep your spirits up and try *try* again, repetition and change lead towards success and I came across a motto today that I love:

Falling down is not failure....Failure is staying down.


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