Saturday, January 10, 2009

New To Me....

Went to the gym this morning and ran 1/2 of a mile and then walked 1.5 miles thereafter. Also did the weight machines but while I was working out a machine caught my eye ~ the rowing machine!!!!!!!!!

I saw a woman working it like a well oiled machine, I want to be like that!!!!!!!!!!!!! When she finally got off it (must have been around 10-15 minutes) i got on and found it easy to use to dialed it up to the highest level (level 10) and went to work.

I found that the rowing machine incorporated EVERY muscle in my body, I was able to complete 5 minutes on the machine (which felt like a lifetime) and boy oh boy am I feeling it but in the RIGHT WAY!

Today I can see new definintion in my arms, they are the slowly becoming ripped, WOW!!!!

I love trying new things, you never know where they make take you!


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Jenn said...

YOu are doing so great Amy. You are getting fit and trim and very skinny. I'm so envious! :)