Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Something NEW!

Tonight I start a cycling class! I've never cycled in a class before and if it's anything like water aerobics was I am in for a TREAT! Am I crazy or what????

I want to be challenged to my core, feel the burn that I desire each and every day. I feel a new person emerging from her shell. I called to check on the class this morning and was told that the class was for those that were moderely active, it felt so good to say that I WAS!!!!!

I have had so many WOW moments already this year. I am wearing size medium tops and size 10 jeans. SIZE 10!!!! When I was washing clothes this morning I was admiring the tags in my clothes and thinking of how little space they take up now to wash a load, superb!

I am still desperately trying to hit the 100 pound mark, holding steady at 99 body is a tease but I know it's right around the corner!


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