Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Miracle Mile!

This has been a week of firsts for sure! Today I ran (without stopping) for a WHOLE mile!!!!!! Took 17:50 and I feel GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that I could have gone longer but Colin was ready to move onto another area. My friend Laura has been giving me tips on running and I figured out a HUGE factor that helps me ~ no exercise before running, it tires me out!

Starting tomorrow, I am going to work on light stretching and then a 5 minute warm up walk and go gung-ho, what a GREAT feeling it is to run! I never thought in my lifetime this was possible, even a month ago it didn't seem possible yet here I am doing it.

I've noticed how people lately seem more willing to talk to me than before my surgery ~ this is kinda hard to talk about but it's true. I guess I was always constantly judging myself, thinking I wasn't worthy of conversation with anyone who was thinner than I was....always feeling like an outcast, seeing myself as the largest/fattest person in the room. I no longer compare myself to others but what a waste of time it was to do so!

For those of my readers (and thanks for always encouraging me!) if you are struggling like I was say no more and TAKE CONTROL. Even 1 minute of exercise is enough to change your life forever, take that first step of commitment, no matter how hard it seems and go with it, don't let excuses get in your way ~ I know before I always did and now it is NOT an option!

Okay, done for now. XOXOXO


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Claire said...

I love you Amy!!! Keep pushing...I am so proud of all you have accomplished.