Friday, January 16, 2009

Another 2 miles!

What a day it has been! I didn't get a good night's sleep and felt very tired this morning ~ wasn't sure if I was even going to make it to the gym or not.

After my cup of coffee this morning I "felt it". I love this feeling I get in the morning that I get that says MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I become obsessed with making everything fall into place so I can make it to the gym.

So after a struggle to the get the kids fed and dressed (and a harrowing drive in the snow) we arrived! Kids happily went into daycare and I happily headed towards the dressing room.

I can't begin to tell you how DEFEATING it is to get there and find that all the machines are being used. :( I only have 90 minutes of childcare so I have to use it wisely. I signed up to use the treadmill and went to work on some weights when to my surprise a treadmill came open!!!!

I started out with a 3.9 pace and increased to 4.0 after 3 minutes and started to focus on my breathing and running. I was able complete my 2 mile run in 29.13 which is an improvement since last week it took me 33:50 to run 2 miles. So, I have decreased my running time by 4 minutes, yay!

My goals this month are to steadily work my running time down to 25:00 and increase my pace to 4.5mph. I felt sooo great after my run, I love this feeling...wish I could bottle it up without the work, LOL!


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